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Macron grillé par Juan Branco en Belgique

À seulement 29 ans, l’avocat Juan Branco est conseiller juridique de Julian Assange de Wikileaks. Sur son CV figurent aussi sa collaboration avec procureur de la Cour pénal internationale et sa virulence envers Emmanuel Macron et le pouvoir actuel en… Continue Reading →

Blasting News Italia: Parigi come Genova, Fusaro: ‘Black bloc infiltrati dalla polizia contro i gilet gialli’

Diego Fusaro sostiene che la polizia francese si sia servita dei cosiddetti black bloc per delegittimare i gilet gialli: come al G8 di Genova 2001.

La Repubblica: Gilet gialli, la giornata di guerriglia urbana a Parigi in tre minuti – il videoracconto

A quattro mesi dall’inizio del movimento, i gilet gialli non intendono arretrare. Nel XVIII sabato di manifestazione, in occasione della fine del Grande Dibattito, voluto dal presidente Emmanuekl Macron, la protesta ferisce il cuore di Parigi. Gli Champs-Élysées, fin sotto… Continue Reading →

Global News: ‘Yellow vest’ protesters clash with riot police in Paris

« Yellow vest » protesters continued to clash with riot police in Paris on Saturday in the 18th week of protests. Water cannons and tear gas were thrown into groups of protesters. Warning: This video may contain violent images. Discretion is advised.

TIME: Yellow Vest’ Protestors Set Fires In France On 18th Straight Weekend Of Demonstrations

Bloomberg : France to Ban ‘Risky’ Protests in Yellow Vest Crack Down

Mar.19 — The French government said it will strengthen security rules and potentially ban rallies in areas such as the Champs-Elysses in Paris following violent protests this past weekend. Bloomberg’s Alan Katz reports on « Bloomberg Markets: European Open. »

VICE News: Macron’s Debates Are Over — Yellow Vest Protests Aren’t (HBO)

Macron’s response to the Yellow Vests: 10,000 debates across France. VICE News talks to people in Paris, Revin and Saint-Denis about The Grand Debates in France.

CBC News: Yellow-vest protesters set fires, smash stores in Paris

French yellow-vest protesters set fires and smashed up luxury stores in Paris in the 18th straight weekend of demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron. Police appeared to be caught of guard by the speed and intensity of the protests.

Rt Anglais: French government admits it failed to contain the Yellow Vest rampage. What will they do next?

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said Paris could soon ban protests in “worst hit” neighborhoods, after radical protesters turned a Yellow Vests’ demonstration on Champs-Elysees into smashing, looting, and burning mayhem.

Rt Anglais: ‘Frexit’? Chaos, fire, ambulances, arrests as Paris hit with Yellow Vest protest again

In Paris the latest Yellow Vest protest has descended into vandalism and looting, and a heavy-handed police response. The Yellow Vests apparently still feel the need to vent their anger at Emmanuel Macron despite his having just wrapped up a… Continue Reading →

Rt Anglais: Yellow Vest protesters attack businesses, burn vehicles on Champs-Elysees

French Yellow Vest protesters have clashed with riot police near the Arc de Triomphe on the 18th straight weekend of demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron.Protesters threw smoke bombs and other objects at officers, who responded by using a water cannon… Continue Reading →

Rt Espagne: Francia prohibirá las protestas de los ‘chalecos amarillos’ en varios barrios

El primer ministro de Francia, Edouard Philippe, ha anunciado este lunes que las protestas de los ‘chalecos amarillos’ en los barrios más afectados por la violencia serán prohibidas a partir del próximo sábado en caso de la participación de « elementos… Continue Reading →

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